The program

"EU Changes Crete" is a communication and action program that aims to achieve further recognition for the projects co-financed in Crete by the Cohesion Policy through the NSRF and to project their impact on the daily lives of its citizens.

Cohesion policy is the European Union's key investment policy aimed at supporting job creation, business competitiveness, economic growth, sustainable development and improving the quality of life of citizens in all regions and cities of the EU. Cohesion Policy is the policy of the Union that is closest to its citizens as it has tangible results in their place of residence, it touches them in their daily lives, so it answers clearly and directly to the question of what benefits our EU membership, especially at a time when Greece is stabilizing after a long economic crisis, which put the EU in the daily public debate, not always in a positive way.

In the Region of Crete, in the programming period 2014-2020, important projects have been carried out, about 500, that change the lives of Cretan citizens in their daily lives. Our dominant feeling is that the Cretan citizens need further information and awareness for the contribution of European Cohesion Policy, which is reflected in the hundreds of projects in many different areas of their daily lives.

Utilizing the above data, this website is a tool for presenting a targeted communication framework of information and participation actions for Cretan citizens. Our vision is the consolidation of the added value created by the European Cohesion Policy to the citizens of Crete.

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